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Jul 19, 2011 12:00pm EDT
>>> phone hacking hearing. british lawmakers take aim at rupert murdoch and his son. >> a scandal that as shaken an entire nation. >> i'm jessica kartalija. >> don scott. >> british politicians grilled rupert murdoch and his son james in london. they want answers about that phone hacking accusation but has the media im empire reeling. as charlie d'agata reports, a scuffle broke out in the hearing room just moments ago. >> reporter: media giant ruche -- rupert murdoch faced lawmakers. murdoch's son james apologized for phone hacking at the "news of the world" newspaper. >> a great regret. >> reporter: politicians fired questions at the murdochs all on live tv. >> ultimately you have responsibility for the whole fiasco. >> no. >> you're not responsible. who is responsible? >> the people i trussed to run it and then maybe the people he trusted. >> reporter: murdoch is accused of tapping voice mails of murder victims, politicians, even 9/11 victims. >> we have seen no evidence of that at all. >> reporter: the murdochs are walking a tight rope here giving lawmakers the information they
Jul 11, 2011 12:00pm EDT
dad did, my grandfather did and it's what we do today. >>> media mogul rupert murdoch is doing damage control as there is flu fallout from britain's phone hacking scandal threatening his media empire. >> media mogul rupert murdoch faced a mob of reporters as he met with his em battled c.e.o. rebecca brooks in london. british police will question her later this week about the phone hacking coverup that happened on her watch. cameras caught murdoch reading sunday's final edition of the "news of the world." the paper ended a 168-year run after news broke that journalists were hacking into phones of murder and terrorism victims for stories. >> there will have to be some kind of massive clearout of the stables really. it just looks terrible. >> london's daily mirror tabloid is hitting murdoch with more claims of corruption involving 9/11 victims. the paper quotes an ex-new york city cop saying news of the world reporters offered to pay him for phone records of the dead. the phone hacking scandal boiled over last week with the case of millie doweller, a british teen murdered in 2002. her pa
Jul 20, 2011 12:00pm EDT
around a few days. we'll let you know how long coming up in the forecast. >>> rupert murdoch flew back to his home today. david cameron called an emergency session of parliament today. cameron denies claims he tried to stop the investigation. >> reporter: the phone hacking scandal dragged david cameron into the fray and into a fight of the house of commons. >> it's the greatest responsibility i have is to clear up the mess. >> reporter: he's in the miss. his former chief was editor at "news of the world" now, he's under arrest. >> with 20/20 line -- hindsight and all that's followed, i wouldn't have offered him the job. >> it's not about hindsight, but about the information and the warnings that the prime minister ignored. >> reporter: cameron fought back against accusations. the prime minister fought for two hours, distancing himself from the worst political crisis he's faced since he took power 15 months ago. >> i would say that the water is labbing around his ankles, it will be a while before it drowns him. it probably won't drown him. >> reporter: he's accused of cozying up to rebe
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3